claudia easton

I try to see the beauty in everything and am driven by passion to create the perfect wedding for you by adding that little extra.

Before I decided to become a wedding planner I worked in business aviation for 7 years. Organizing special events and meeting the rather extraordinary needs of our customers was my daily business. No matter how impossible a wish seemed to be initially, it was my job to make it come true.

I have successfully completed the training to become a certified wedding planner VUSH/SAWI. That was the first step towards our shared dream: our own company cm weddings.

In my spare time I am a devoted mother, passionate hostess and creative crafter.

Let me transform your vision into your dream wedding.

Ambition, motivation and dedication – that is my motto.

I am a great organizer, and with my attention to detail and my eye for aesthetics, I am determined to make every wedding flawless and memorable.

Prior to cm weddings I worked in the hospitality business for 7 years, gaining experience in different departments of a hotel. After my year abroad working in a Leading Hotel in the USA, I have decided to become a certified wedding planner and make my dream come true. I successfully earned my certificate from VUSH/SAWI which provided the kick-start for an ambitious goal: the realization of cm weddings, our own company.

When I am not planning any weddings, I might be planning baby showers or hosting cocktail and dinner parties at home, while experimenting new recipes in my beloved kitchen. I also love to bake amazing cakes and crocheting.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you chase your dreams.

marlene haberer